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👋 Hello, i’m Shourav, Product Designer.

Craft impactful digital products for B2B Startups and medium size capitals by design thinking approach and help them attracting users and engagement.

can i help you?
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Marketing page
Mobile app
Idea validation


My approach to
solution for a problem

Finding problems and define it

Create proper plan towards success

Wireframing the ideas into a paper

Components, design system for mockup

Test and validate the Product idea

Featured works i’m proud of

Shourav provides on-time, modern design work relevant to the situation at hand. I can always rely on him to deliver designs that match exactly what we need, when we need it. I can tell when he tries new design styles on our projects; Shourav is always keeping up with the latest design trends. I hope to continue working with Shourav on our business design projects well into the future!

Timothy Moore

CEO, Razzele

I worked with Shourav on different projects. He is hard-working, understands product vision rapidly and able to bring ideas to the table. His positive attitude is definitely a great asset and makes a him a great asset. I strongly recommend Shourav!

Louis-Martin Gagne

Architect, PSP Investments

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